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What is is a free shell-script for Sun Cobalt RaQ server appliances (RaQ3, RaQ4, RaQXTR, RaQ550). You can use this script to backup your RaQ to another server using FTP and the Sun Cobalt Migration Utility. It is a good idea to use the latest version 2.53 because the official version 2.27 has many bugs and does not support the RaQ550. For MySQL-users I added the possibility to backup all databases using mysqldump. If you use your RaQ as nameserver you can backup the records, too. Well, you're able to include any directories you want...

If you want to use our script on a RaQ2 please note that you won't be able to restore the backup on the RaQ2 because there is no cmuImport for the RaQ2!

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Cobalt Migration Utility
  ... and restore the backup on a...
RaQ3-++++ 2.43
RaQ4-?+++ 2.43
RaQXTR-??++ 2.53
RaQ550-???+ 2.53
+works with CMU 2.27 and above (CMU 2.53 recommended)
+ 2.43  works with CMU 2.43 and above (CMU 2.53 recommended)
+ 2.53  works with CMU 2.53
-it does not work
?not tested - please tell us, if it works ;-)

Please note that the server mentioned above does not seem to be available anymore. If you do not have access to the CMU packages we offer installations of which includes the installation of CMU as well.

You should know...

  • is not supported by Sun Cobalt and comes without any warranty.
  • if you like you can modify the script to your own needs under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
  • the Cobalt Migration Utility (CMU) exports (cmuExport) and imports (cmuImport) sites and users. uses cmuExport only. cmuExport exports all sites und users with all data and configuration to workingdirectory/data (default: /home/raqbackup/data)
  • starts cmuExport and transfers this export to the target machine
  • on my machines (RaQ3/RaQ4) needs 20-60 minutes to cmuExport all sites and to ftp them to the backup-machine. I have arround 150 sites with 1.5 GB data per raq
  • if you run every day you'll have two backup-versions (the cmuExport from today and yesterday) per source raq on your target machine
  • to store these two versions I need arround 1 GB (500 MB each). To be sure you should have a lot of quota on the target machine.
  • you'll get the output of via mail. Be sure to check this mail.
  • source and target machine should be located in the same LAN (security, traffic!)
  • if you have two RaQs and you want that one RaQ backups the other please note: cmuExport exports all data under /home/sites/somesite/. You should be sure that you don't backup the backup of a backup of a backup and so on. This will result in very large backup-files. has two options to prevent this behaviour:
    1. exclude directory (recommended): with this option you can exclude a directory under /home/sites/somesite/ from being cmuExported. If you use backup as username on the target machine and backup is a member of the site home you should specify /home/sites/home/users/backup as exclude-directory.
    2. target directory: with this option you can ftp the backup to a directory outside of /home/sites/somesite/ on the target RaQ. You can use something like /home/backup. This directory won't be cmuExported when you run on the target machine. To use this option create the corresponding directory on the target RaQ and make sure that the ftp-user has write-access to this directory.
  • you have the possibility to include plugins to
    1. plugin start: will search for scripts or programs with the names,, start.cgi or start in your plugin-directory working-directory/plugins and executes them before the script starts.
    2. plugin end: will search for scripts or programs with the names or end in your plugin-directory and executes them before the end of
    3. plugin precmu: will search for scripts or programs with the names or precmu and executes them before it executes CMU.
    4. plugin postcmu: analog, but after CMU
    5. plugin preftp: you get it, right? ;-)
    6. plugin postftp
    7. plugin premysqldump
    8. plugin postmysqldump
    9. plugin pretardirs
    10. plugin posttardirs

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